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Why it’s about more than just a website – A welcome note.


In the beginning there were websites. Some were bad, some were worse. But it didn’t matter because you had one, and that was your digital presence nailed down. You were a winner, an on-line hero, a trail blazer. Today things are a little different. For starters, if you still have that same website you had 15, 10 or even 5 years ago, chances are your on-line presence is in a lot of trouble. The days of a ‘set-and-forget’ website

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Video: How to Get More People to Read Your Content – tips from Chris Green @ Calloway Green

I picked up this video on twitter via @iamchrisgreen of Calloway Green a digital marketing agency based in Stourbridge. The video really nails some excellent tips for creating content that provide people with actionable information and get them coming back for more. Have a watch and see what you think. As always, if you’ve got something to add, stick it in the comments.

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Why a picture doesn’t speak a 1000 words but might make £1000

Everybody love pictures. They make things look nice. Surely two undisputed facts. Why pictures don’t speak a thousand words on the web. Theirs a fundamental flaw with images though, despite all the messages they can convey, the feelings they can emote and the sense of brand identity they can create – and that flaw comes in the form of Google (god damn you Google). It doesn’t matter how great your images are, Google can’t tell. Cause, and here’s the kicker,

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Actors Headshots : Everything you need to know

Actors headhots

Actors headshots have evolved a lot over the years, from the days of black and white, through to today’s variety and bold colour. A good headshot session will allow you to capture some real variety in your portfolio of images, helping you show the ‘real’ you to those involved in the casting process A full range for casting The setup for your headshot session takes into Consideration your physical characteristics, such as skin tone, facial structure, eye colour and

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